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Publié le : 25/09/2017

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

CEPRI is governed by a Board of Directors, whose number of members is determined by the general assembly and ranges from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by a secret ballot by the general assembly for a 3-year term. Every year, a third of the board is up for re-election and there are no term limits.


President: The French Mayor’s Association
Representative: Marie-France Beaufils
Alternate representative: Noël Faucher


Vice President: The city of Orléans
Representative: Stéphanie Anton
Alternate representative: Mr Lagarde


Treasurer: SYAGE
Representative: Alain Chambard
Alternate representative: Laurent Béteille


Secretary General: The Loiret General Council
Representative: Gérard Malbo
Alternate representative: Michel Lechauve

Our team

CEPRI currently has 6 team members.


Stéphanie Bidault

Stéphanie Bidault
Managing director

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Law, Stéphanie Bidault completed a doctoral dissertation on “Area Management and Major Risk Prevention.” For a number of years, she was the head of the Public Law curriculum (natural disaster law in particular) at the Clermont-Ferrand School of Law and Political Science. She was also responsible at this time for training various teams. Since she came to CEPRI in February 2007, she has helped it become what it is today. She currently leads CEPRI as its managing director.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 25
Mail : stephanie.bidault@cepri.net


Nicolas Bauduceau

Nicolas Bauduceau
Technicaland scientific director

INA-PG agricultural engineer with a bachelor’s degree in international economy, Nicolas Bauduceau is currently CEPRI’s technical and scientific director. After starting his career as a survey coordinator for AScA (Applied Action Sciences), he studied a wide range of topics from 2002 to 2006: flood risk management and its link to regional planning, how to reduce vulnerability to floods, public policy evaluation, sustainable development in rural areas, and environmental conservation efforts. Since joining CEPRI in 2006, he has been using his vast expertise to help local authorities promote new approaches to flood prevention.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 30
Mail : nicolas.bauduceau@cepri.net



Valérie Griffon
Director's administrative assistant

Valérie Griffon, who holds a degree in administrative assistance, joined CEPRI in November 2010. She is an essential intermediary, taking charge of making sure the organization runs smoothly and that are projects are carried out professionally and efficiently. She is extremely helpful in her role as a participant in the general committee that oversees the life of the organization, in managing the organization’s budget, and in forging deals with our various partners. Finally, she assists in running our external communication initiatives.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 22
Mail : valerie.griffon@cepri.net

Rodolphe Pannier

Rodolphe Pannier
Senior advisor

Rodolphe Pannier holds a Master’s degree in natural disaster management, a Master’s degree in Political Science, and a DESS degree in regional planning. He joined CEPRI’s team in March 2009 after spending six years working in various local governments. Thanks to the bonds he was able to forge with actors in the field, he was able to gain incredible insight into the initiatives carried out locally as well as into the best and most easily repeatable techniques of flood prevention.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 37
Mail : rodolphe.pannier@cepri.net


Julien Jadot

Julien Jadot
Senior advisor

Julien Jadot, who holds a DESS in Water Quality and Management, came aboard in May 2010 as a senior advisor in charge of issues dealing with a land resistance to floods. Before joining our team, he worked for the NGO Solidarités International, where his responsibilities as “Water Sanitation and Hygiene” manager later propelled him to the head of their activities in Chad. In addition to his work at CEPRI, he also teaches at the Bioforce Development Institute.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 34
Mail : julien.jadot@cepri.net


Anne-Laure Moreau

Anne-Laure Moreau
Project officer

A graduate of the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg Political Sciences Institute followed by a Master’s degree in Environmental and Risk Law), Anne Laure Moreau rejoined CEPRI in April 2008 as part of a legal study concerning the administrative, civil and penal implications of the France’s national flood prevention policy. As a project officer for 4 years now, she has most notably worked on dyke management, volunteer emergency response units, raising politicians’ awareness of flood prevention issues, and the need to incorporate flood prevention policy in urban planning documents.

Tél : 02 38 21 15 36
Mail : anne-laure.moreau@cepri.net