How to assist you

Supporting you is our DNA and our raison d’être !

  • To accompany you in your field and face your realities : the CEPRI team responds as closely as possible to your concerns, through a field visit, a telephone or video interview, a training session adapted to your situation or even a partnership agreement to investigate in depth.
  • Making the experience of other local authorities available through study days or training courses: by mobilizing the network of its members and leading the network of PAPI (action plan for flood prevention) holders, the CEPRI team enables everyone to learn from each other and act more effectively. CEPRI is the exchange of good practices and know-how.
  • At the national level, we represent you and promote flood risk prevention : with the Directorates of the different Ministries in charge of flood risk management, with the federations of actors involved in this field,
  • At the European level, share your experience in the group monitoring the implementation of the Flood Directive and associate your experience in certain cooperation projects (Interreg, Research, Life, etc.)
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