Our experts committee

CEPRI’s Committee of Experts is an advisory body whose purpose is to examine the technical and scientific orientations proposed by the structure. Drawing on the knowledge of leading flood risk management specialists, it provides solid expertise to ensure the quality of CEPRI’s thinking.

Its missions are declined through the following points :

  • To conduct a reflection on the scientific and technical perspectives in the medium term in the fields of competence of CEPRI.
  • To give an opinion on the results of CEPRI’s projects in order to make the program of activities evolve.
  • To issue an opinion on the CEPRI’s program of activities as well as on the programming of research and development projects. To do so, the Committee relies on the research needs expressed by the Association’s management.


The Committee meets regularly when convened by the President of CEPRI or by its management. The management together with the President of CEPRI set the agenda and lead the meetings of the Committee of Experts.


CEPRI’s Committee of Experts focuses on issues central to the Association, enabling it to produce comprehensive analyses on flood risk management.

The Committee was thus able to issue a report on the question “what governance for future flood risk management strategies ?” In the course of this study, the Committee of experts highlighted the need for concerted governance prior to decision-making between the various stakeholders in these strategies: those of land use planning and those of water management.

The Committee also gave its opinion on the “preliminary assessment of flood risks (EPRI) at the national level”. Based on the legal texts, the experts were able to give a clear and lucid report on the situation by identifying priority development paths.

The experts

  • André Bachoc
  • Ludovic Faytre
  • Jean-Marc Février
  • Serge Garrigues
  • David Goutx
  • Frédéric Grelot
  • Eric-Daniel Lacombe
  • Julien Langumier
  • Bruno Ledoux
  • Oscar Navarro
  • Magali Reghezza
  • Régis Thépot
  • Freddy Vinet
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